John Rocha

John Rocha, business partner of Performance Potential,is an entrepreneur and technologist with a driven passion for disruptive solutions at the intersection of retail, technology, and management. He founded myFit, Inc. in 2011 to address the fundamental problem affecting online apparel retail—the inability to try on clothing before purchase. Through cutting edge 3D graphics, myFit users are able to see how clothing will fit their unique body type while shopping online. 

John’s expertise includes sales and marketing strategy, public relations, retailer partnerships, product evangelism, and client integration. An accomplished public speaker, John often presents on the topics of leadership, technology, and startups. Prior to myFit, John taught community entrepreneurship courses through the University of Notre Dame and worked as a microfinance strategy consultant in Central America. John received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Notre Dame where he earned financial scholarship for his work with the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship.