Chuck Crowell

Dr. Charles R. Crowell, academic/research advisor to Performance Potential, has been involved in the application of psychology and technology to learning, productivity, and performance improvement for over 30 years. His research and writings have impacted how hundreds of organizations lead their people. In addition, he has consulted in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, financial, manufacturing, and services.

Dr. Crowell has built comprehensive assessment procedures for field sales operations, management feedback and evaluation procedures, computer based sales territory management solutions, and technology-based training systems.

Dr. Crowell has authored over 50 publications on various topics including learning, motivation, performance improvement, organizational effectiveness, and the use of technology to assist in organizational improvement. Since 1974, Dr. Crowell has served on the faculty as a professor of psychology at the University of Notre Dame, where he also directs the Computer Applications program. He earned his doctorate at the University of Iowa and his BA from Notre Dame..